How to make money posting quotes on Instagram

Many people are asking for how they can earn some money from posting quotes on Instagram. One thing that I want to clear that If you are thinking that you will start earning from your first day, then you are wrong.

You have to work constantly to start earning from quote writing. Maybe you have t0 work for years to build your audience and trust me if you give valuable content to your users, in this case your followers. You will grow rapidly.

Stay persistent, work on your quote page constantly and when you see the stats of your own growing Instagram page, you will feel like “you can and you will”. I am sharing some tips below, I hope it will help you.

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Create an Account

Choose a Profile Photo or logo.

Complete Your Profile Information

Post Photos and Videos

You should post content regularly and also get engaged with your audience. Once you feel you are getting famous, you should work more on your quality.

Add  Story

Add story on your topic, It will help you to be engaged with the audience

Find People

Find the right people whom you can approach for shout outs. Always remember to get quality shout outs.

Convert into a Business Account

convert your normal account to a business account after this, you can analyze everything important for you to know the stats of your work.

Choose your niche.

choosing a perfect niche. No need to mix up your content. You have to work on only one niche on one page otherwise your audience can’t even decide, on which type of page they are. And it will decrease engagement. You will get a bad response for sure.

So, here comes the question of “how you can make money posting quotes on Instagram?

There are mainly three types of how you can earn?

  • Get paid for shoutouts.
  • Get paid for promotions.
  • Sell your own products.

But for that, you need so many audiences that love your content. Good luck stay focused and work hard.




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